Will This Suffice?
by Thagirion copyright Des and Chris Oct 2016
Here's another scene from Triangulum Resistance where Fear tries using that cloak to hide his scary features but only made things worse. Here he tries to buy something at the Bazaar. He pulls out some coins and says, "Will this suffice". The vendor was afraid to take the coins from his sharp clawed hand. And the hood does not hide his glowing eyes or sharp teeth either. This is right before Fear loses it with everyone being afraid of him when he's not trying to be scary.

Since this one is so creepy cool I decided to make it this year's Halloween drawing too. Though the day was actually beautiful I drew a stormy sky. Perhaps the vendor saw this instead as Fear inadvertently got in his mine to the point even Fear was not aware he was using his own powers in this way. I think this was subconsiously inspired by the Children of Bodom album cover Something Wild.

I kept thinking this reminded me of an album cover and then I remembered which one. One thing I find funny. If someone handed me this much gold I wouldn't be afraid. He has 11 coins in his hand.

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