Welcome To The Terror Sfear
by Thagirion copyright Des and Chris March 2017
Fictional video game Triangulum Resistance. This takes place after a scripted battle. Our team of villains is ambushed by a gang of enemies. The good guys. They are taken by surprise but most of all Scary Fear was beaten hard and then tossed down an old ruined well. Captain RipTalon, The Doctor and George finish the fight but what they don't know is that this "well" is actually some kind of old tech. Perhaps it is a gateway. No one is quite sure what it is but the passage opens up into a room with shallow water and the view of another star system. Fear is too weak to notice where he is as his friends call to him from above asking if he is ok. The blue orbs spinning around him are a shield defense but he must not have gotten them up in time since he never saw these enemies coming. Fear is weak to physical attacks and he leans against the wall just breathing and waits for his friends to find him. He'll recover but he just needs some time. Once the doctor finds him he'll help him recover.

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