I AM Fear!
by Thagirion copyright Des and Chris Dec 2016
So Scary Fear decided to wear this cloak to the market as the Triangulum Resistance team needed parts for their ship. Fear had noticed how others feared him even when he wasn't doing anything scary on purpose. It was rather amusing at first to see so many aliens cower or run just at his mere presence. But after a while it also became annoying. But he is fear itself so he knew he couldn't do anything about it...unless. He thought if he could hide his scariest parts (eyes, teeth, claws) things might go better for him. Ignorance is bliss after all. So he figures a cloak would cover him nicely and he goes about doing normal things like the rest of his team. But when he goes to pay for something from this vendor the guy is still afraid. More so than before it seems as he can still see those features, the eyes glow more in the dark hood and he's got a creepy claw being held out at him. When Fear asked him "Will this suffice?" And the merchant couldn't answer him but only mutter gibberish and the fact Fear's been reduced to doing mundane things like using coins and shopping after having been a force of life, he kind of lost it. Furious by the lack of a normal response, Fear pulls his hood off showing his true features and sprouts his wings as well. If this fool was afraid for no reason now he would give him real reason to fear. "I AM FEAR! He yells as he flies onto the guy's table. "I'll give you something to REALLY be afraid of!"

"Fear, NO!" RipTalonyells but it is too late. Scary Fear uses his powers on the guy. The problem was that Fear was still in the process of gaining control of the powers he had lost and what should have only affected the victim of his focus was completely over done. Fear lost control of his powers and a wave a terror sweapt the whole town. Everyone ran and screamed for their lives until RipTalon, Fear, George and the Doctor were the only ones left standing in the village market. Fear stepped off the table and looked down ashamed of himself and just walked past the others. But when he passes Captain RipTalon he said, "This whole Cloak thing isn't work." In a controlled angry tone. "Apparently not." Fear replies not bothering to hide who he is any longer. He ponders if he should just stay on the ship from now on.

So I drew these parts all out of order it seems. I drew the end first, the beginning and now the middle part of the story. Well perhaps I have one more to go still of when Fear first puts on the cloak. Actually though I'm not a fan of cloaks I'm really starting to like this look for Fear and may draw him this way more often. So in that case he has two outfits. I'm not sure still thinking about it. Another simple background. Just wanted to get all the main scenes for this done quickly. I may end up making this this year's Christmas card. But I need to change the background for it. Not sure to what yet. Scary Fear does get annoyed when people are needlessly afraid of him all the time. I've had this idea for months and finally get to draw it out in color. I've wanted to show his frustration of doing normal things and love this concept so much I will explore it also in another of his stories. I do think it's funny how he made everything worse. I can almost hear him telling the guy, "I'm not scary! I'm trying to be nice!" Well it's move onto another planet now or wait two in game days for the town to reset from fright. In this game I do have it so that if you're in a town and you don't have Fear set as the leader he can randomly terrorize and the town goes into hiding. I think it would be funny and annoying to the player the first time around. Perhaps another 5% chance that this could happen to you per planet. If he is the lead you can chose to do this on purpose too, probably best after you've bought and sold everything you need.

I kept thinking this reminded me of an album cover and then I remembered which one. One thing I find funny. If someone handed me this much gold I wouldn't be afraid. He has 11 coins in his hand.

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